Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Secret: Strong Enough For A Woman, Ph Balanced For A Man.

Dare she?
Dare she tell him the truth?
Oh, it was such a dilemma. She lit another cigarette and let it burn, burn like the cinders of her heart. Oh, it would break him to know what was really going on. She felt as if she had betrayed him somehow, like a jezebel harpie, living the lie.
She turned so he could not see her face. She felt that if he saw her now, he'd see right THROUGH her, right into her soul.

She had bought a Little Richard record that day...and loved it. Suddenly the smooth sounds of Perry Como just...didn't DO it for her anymore. Didn't start that fire in her loins that the primal screaming of that blessed 45 started. She was a changed woman. But would Chester know?

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