Friday, September 12, 2008

Music To Help You Stop Smoking

...The Living Strings are concerned about you. Your health is at risk while you're huffing all those narcoticky things in them, like tar and cyanide and arsenic and yuck.

So what they did was sit around at a meeting after Living String practice one day and come up with a brainstorm list of songs that make them stop thinking about how great a Camel tastes with a beer, or after a heated night of making love with your wife, or the habit.

Barney? He came up with "Clair de Lune," because his mother-in-law's name is Clair and the thought of her makes him retch but he couldn't think of any other reason.

Cliff? Oh, that's easy, he said, the natural choice to make me want to kick the habit was "Penthouse Serenade." Why? He had no idea.

And finally, Melvin, he had the most puzzling choice, but his motives, he assured, were genuine: "The Night Is Young And You're so Beautiful In The Night" did it for him because - well, just because.

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