Friday, September 05, 2008


All I knew about Kate Bush, until today, was that awful song "Running Up That Hill," which was on an 80s comp CD I had in college that I always skipped because it sounded like cats in heat. I could never get into that song. But thanks to a wonderful music blog, I heard the ridiculous masterpiece that is "Wuthering Heights," which was masterfully DJed with Wendy Carlos talking about writing "Switched On Bach." For some reason that defies logic, I decided I really like that song, despite a) hating that stupid novel and b) still hating Kate Bush's manic-ass caterwauling. The song's hook, I have to admit, is gorgeous, as is the arrangement. Even the lyrics are nutty. "Heeeathcliiiiiff! It's meee I'm Cathy! ...Let me ih-hin your windooohoo-hoo-ow!" I like to picture that cartoon Cathy screeching at Irving.

But the video...pure madness!!!

And then M. Edwards C. pointed out that Kate Bush made an even more insane video for a song called "Sat In Your Lap."

Congratulations, Kate Bush, you've been inducted into the Mad Vortex.


Suzanne said...

Alright so I was a fan of Wuterthing Heights, especially the overly romanticed version from old Hollywood.
As for Kate Bush, you gotta admit she can really mix mime and ballet nicely.
I'm a huge Tori fan and I was surprised to find out that many people compare her to Kate Bush. I can see many comparisons but Kate definately does better with miming and ballet don't you think?

Marie said...

I thought immediately of Tori when I watched the "Sat In Your Lap" video - which is completely and utterly ridiculous - rollerskating KKK? Admittedly, I really like Kate Bush, and I really like "Running Up That Hill." Word.

jonathan said...

i can't get enough of her lately. she's on her own planet.