Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blind Date: Chad

Meet Chad. Chad is a rabid member of Young Americans For Freedom and the College Republicans. Chad believes it's wrong to have abortions, be gay, and to trust Big Government. Chad enjoys a rousing game of checkers on his free nights. When he's not picketing the abortion clinic, that is. Chad is a devout Christian and is a real music nut! His favourite singers are Michael McDonald, Michael W. Smith, and - when he's feeling especially frisky - a little Frank Sinatra.
Chad's met Dick Cheney, had his photo taken with three of the Bushes during that last internship - and when he's alone, he faces impure thoughts about Sarah Palin in that photoshopped American flag bikini clutching that Uzi. Though he knows it's wrong to emulate the sins of Onan, he figures God's got his back when Sarah's involved. After all, he's smiling down on her as it is.

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