Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blind Date: Beulah

Meet Beulah. Beulah works as an indentured servant in the Ryan household. She is one of eight living siblings, having come over on a coffin ship from Galway with nothing but a change of linens and a conch shell. Beulah is in the beginning stages of consumption, though she does not yet know this (despite a nagging cough and a general pallor). She prefers scrubbing the floors with caustic soap, and can make a mean oxtail soup. Beulah counts the stereoscope cards of the Holy Land and her catechism books as her primary sources of entertainment, though when the master of the house is out of town she's been known to crank up The Great Caruso on the Victrola and do a mean jig. If you would like woo Beulah during a chaperoned outing, feel free to wait until her indenture is over and then ask her master's permission.

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StripeyUnderpants said...

Poor gal is being slowly strangled by her own blouse.