Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sehnsucht Is More Than A Rammstein Song.

"Christ! That's the last time I smoke this hashish," yelped Jared, as his trip suddenly took on a creepy turn about his ex-girlfriend hacking apart the moon and shrieking.

"If moon were cookie, IF MOON WERE COOKIE!!!!!!" she would repeat over and over, knifing its side for delectable crumbs of snickerdoodle.

"What the hell did Tim put in this wad?" exclaimed Jared, as German lyrics started to pepper the nighttime horizon in his f***ed up mind.

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Lidian said...

Jared looks like Michael Palin's Doppelganger (sorry I can't add the umlauts but they are there in spirit) - perhaps he is going to sing the Lumberjack Song in German!