Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Weren't Smoking

"Look, we already told you. No, we weren't smoking. Ladies don't smoke, remember? Ladies rearrange their ribcages with tight corsets, and they take a lot of laudanum, and they take baths once a month, and they don't let in the night air, and they go to the doctors for "hysteria" cures (frequently) and they never cut their hair, ever, and they wear 12 layers of clothing even when it's 600ยบ outside, and they have 12 children (three of whom make it to adulthood if the lady lives through the pain of childbirth) and ladies never ever speak to gentlemen first - and certainly never to anyone outside of their class or ethnicity or race.
No sir, we weren't smoking."

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Anonymous said...

Did victorian women shave their fuzz on legs ?