Sunday, June 15, 2008

Satan Has Been Paralyzed!

We told him to stay out of the tree and he was FORBIDDEN to go to the town fair, even though it had ice cream and sausages and free dolls and rides on the merry-go-round. And now Aunt Polly is heartbroken and she's leaning on the shoulder of the handsome but heartworn Dr Chilton, who remembers Polly with long hair, hoping that Satan gets well soon. Satan's going to have an operation, and the whole town is coming out for him, pulling for him, rooting for him.

"Satan, you've changed my life," they say, with tears in their eyes. Even that mean old Mrs Snow, who looks suspiciously like Agnes Moorehead, escaped her hypochondriac ways and told Satan that his magical prisms made her want to get outside and LIVE again! Satan, please, for our sake, play the Glad Game!

1 comment:

cink said...

look at that set! freaky evangelical game show kitsch.