Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alanis Never Spoke Of This.

Uncle Eddie had been an accomplished daredevil since the day he was born.
At 4, he had scaled his parents' backyard pear tree and they had to have the rescue truck get him out of it. Eddie had been sitting placidly on the top branch, munching on a juicy, dribbly pear.

At 8, he had built a roller coaster in his back yard out of scrap pipes, a bunch of apple boxes, and his sister's old roller skates. He managed to incorporate a loop in there, too.

At 15, he'd bought himself a great big honkin' Indian Chief motorcycle and impressed the ladies by standing on the seat going 50MPH down Grover Lane.

His 20s and 30s involved fire eating, lion taming, and learning to climb flagpoles.

After such an exciting life, it's terribly ironic that the last thing Uncle Eddie ever saw was a flying squirrel heading right toward his face.

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