Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Watch Them Bubble

Melanie had been up all night waiting for Santa—after all, he'd brought such wonderful gifts to her in past years. A rocking horse, a tea set, a bisque dolly. As she snuck down the stairs at 2:00AM, ever so nimbly, what a sight awaited her! There it was, shining right before her eyes. It was... beautiful! So sleek! So unusual! But, what was it? Just then a creaking sound frightened her as a dark figure cast its silhouette on the wall by the firelight—"Santa?" she uttered, half excited, half afraid.

"No Melanie, it's Mom," she smiled. "What are you doing up so—" She paused as she laid her eyes upon the object, more than a bit embarrassed.

"What is it, Mom? It's ...amazing!"

"Uh, uh, well Melanie, you uh—you know how Daddy sometimes goes away on business?"

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