Monday, May 26, 2008


It's very cold. So very, very cold. These women must keep warm in this freezing weather. The sweaters are not enough. The furnace is on at full blast and it is not enough. They must keep their inner temperatures above the hypothermia level.
Fetch them...

"Roscoe, that is a good dog. Stand firm. Keep the afghan from flying away in the breeze. I am quite chilly in this summer garden."

"Keep quiet, little one. Do not fear the warmth of my blanket."

"The fire is not enough. I must swaddle myself in this blessed fabric of polyester fibres."

"This book is so frightfully beastly. I am quite relieved to be under my green beloved."

"Time to slop the hogs. I suppose this calls for a two-blanket job."

"Good thing this blanket covers up the dreadful lawn mower accident."

"Please. Don't look at me. I am shy. Like a turtle I withdraw into my blanket shell."

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