Thursday, April 03, 2008

Car Talk

Tony had been hard at it all day, finishing up Vinny's Camaro. Wasn't much left to do except check the transmission, change the oil, make sure the brakes worked. But then as the minutes went by, Tony's mind went wandering. Vinny hadn't paid his bill in over nine months. Said all the time, "Hey Tony, thanks, but I just paid for a new stereo and TV for the little lady, can you just wing it until next month? That's a good pal."
Truth was, Tony was starting to really hate Vinny's late payments, his attitude, and the way he always reeked of garlic. (Tony hated garlic, too.)
As he looked at his jack, Tony had an idea - yes, he would fix Vinny once and for all. Just wait until the first rainfall, jackass. If you make it out of that fiery wreck, don't come crawling to ME for an oil change. Asshole.

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