Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tricks Of The Trade

"Wait wait wait, like, he totally did it like three minutes before you got here, I swear, he was all up in the air and dancing on his hind legs and DOODOODOODLEDOODOODOODLEOO! Circus Dog! It was hilarious! (Come on, Rover, do your trick! Do your trick! Come on! Come on boy!) No should have seen him like, do it, it was so frickin' hilarious. (COME ON ROVER, DANCE!) Dude, so like he was on his hind legs, right? And like, he was balancing his ball on his nose like the circus? Hil-aaaarrrrrious! (ROVER GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DANCE!) Dude! I totally wish I like, had my camera? Because it was like almost something you'd see on that Animal Planet show and I seriously like, you know, peed my pants?"

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