Monday, March 31, 2008

Tardy Boys

"Well, here it is, Tim - the old clock at last."
"Hard to believe it's real. You think it contains Trevor Valentine's treasure map?"
"All the clues seem to have led us to this very clock. The morse code tapping in the radio static...the secret passageway in the Leary Mansion, Gregory Manson's identical, evil cousin..."
"I know! Who would have thought that in such a small town? Don't forget the whispering statue clue."
"How did you figure that out?"
"Old boy scout trick I learned from that Indian chief who lives on the end of town."
"I still can't believe you found that key in that hidden safe in the abandoned church in Riverdale. Especially after being kidnapped by that drug overlord."
"It was nothing! I knew where I was by listening to the notes played on his cellphone dial. Lucky I took all those years of improv piano classes! Mom was right in her own weird way..."
"Okay...let's open this clock!"

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