Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How It Works

And then, Betty, when those two people have fallen in love, me and you, what happens is the Stork from God's Own Heaven will pluck a brand new sling from the Endless Handkerchief Fields, and fold it into a triangle (Mother Nature has given him that skill inherently) and he will then fly low to the ground over the Glittery Babypatch until a fresh new baby that belongs to us is ejected from its sporecap, warming in the sun of dawn. That stork will scoop him lovingly, casting its head side to side in whipsnapping motions to shake off all the bits of eggsac, and then that shinyclean baby sails away past the Wandering Paths of Yeol, over the Rocky Crags of Pleathor, and on to Memorial General. And that's where you and I will rush out to meet him and carry our new son home. Mother said so.

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