Thursday, March 27, 2008


"Nancy, you damn bitch, turn around when I'm speaking to you!"

The evening had been a roller coaster ride, starting with the discovery of the red lipstick on Kenneth's collar...the unmistakable scent of Evening In Paris. Nancy's scent. She positively reeked of it. Priscilla was sure Nancy and he were having an affair.
Sadly, the truth was more complicated than that. Oh, Kenneth had been over to Nancy's alright - they even played a game of cribbage. But he had come over not for a cuddle, but to try on something.
And that something was Evening In Paris and lipstick. The clumsy oaf hadn't gotten all of it off his collar when he threw his shirt back on over that silken girdle. How could Nancy look Priscilla in the eye? Was it really easier to admit to an affair? What would the neighbours think?

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