Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blind Date

Meet Tessa. She works as a paralegal for McKinney and Sons down on Maple Avenue. She likes to do karaoke every Thursday night to unwind - her signature song is Arthur's Theme by Christopher Cross, secretly hoping someday she would find her Dudley between the moon and New York City. Some of her favourite pasttimes, other than karaoke, include gardening, collecting Hümmel figurines, and TiVoing "Grey's." She prides herself on being almost completely symmetrical, down to the last Ogilvie home perm ringlets.

And by the way? Those of you looking for a woman who knows her way around the kitchen? Tessa makes one hell of a green bean casserole, and dares anyone to trump her (her secret? GENERIC fried onion rings instead of Durkee!).

Tessa would like a man who has those classic handsome features of someone like, say, John Davidson, but maybe has the charm of that rascally cigar-chomper George Peppard! Can you fill those tall shoes and make Tessa one happy woman?

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