Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bitch-Steen Candles

Ever seen the John Hughes classic Sixteen Candles? I personally hate that movie. I hate the "Long Duck Dong" joke, the ugly red car Jake Ryan drives, the whole storyline. I can't figure out why Anthony Michael Hall ended up with girls' underwear, and I hate...hate...HATE that little brother character and wish the Orkin Man dad would use his bug spray to get rid of that nasty son of a bitch. Actually, there's nothing funny at all in that movie except one scene - when bitchy little Molly has to ride the bus with the weirdos. I rode a bus just like that one in 1984.
When she's getting off the bus there's a kazoo sound playing. Guess what? I found the source.

And you can download the album here. Even if you're saving yourself for Jake Ryan, it's worth the wait. Trust me!

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