Friday, January 18, 2008


Leona giggled shyly. After all, Mr. Easton was rather a dish. As she clutched her dish towel, he gently insisted she take him up on the offer.

"But what if Rick found out?" raced through her mind like a broken record. Mr. Easton had been Rick's boss for 4 years now. Gave him a promotion and everything.

"But Leona, what is he doing with the money I gave him?" Mr. Easton (Tom) had asked earlier at dinner. You should be dripping with diamonds and ermine. Instead, he's clothing you in clearance rack dresses from Sears."

K-Mart, actually. Leona's heart sang silently. She knew where the money was going. Too many highballs down at The Red Lion Inn. Too many Drambuie-and-scotch chasers. His strange obsession with owl-themed dishes and beer steins.

The years with Rick had not been unkind, but they left her unfulfilled. Unappreciated. When she showed up with a Tupperware dish filled with stuffed peppers for Rick one day, he shoved them aside and said he'd already had Arby's for lunch. But Tom ate them. Tom loved them, praised them, savoured them. Tom appreciated Leona's big heart.

Inviting the boss over for dinner was innocent enough, was it not? After all, Mr. Easton...Tom...he liked her cooking. Stuffed peppers for dinner. Would he remember?

After dessert, after the dessert aperitifs, Rick sprawled out on the sofa. He wouldn't be up for hours, if at all. Leona knew what she wanted...but could she give up all this? The owl dishes? The K-Mart clothing?

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Anonymous said...

You go Leona! You deserve it girl.