Monday, January 28, 2008

Club Sandwich.

Taking matters into their own hands was the mantra for the Pumpkin Patch Kids. After a malevolent gang burned down their beloved clubhouse, the kids were without a headquarters. And no headquarters meant that the town villains were running rampant - stealing cabbages from the gardens of the hard-working townsfolk, harassing old ladies in the produce aisle, writing threatening notes about the club dog, Sparky. Something had to be done, and the feckless grownups in the town weren't about to be bothered with something so trivial as a run-down ol' shack. Well they'd show them! 'Cause the Pumpkin Patch Gang had GUMPTION, so they did, and nothin' in tarnation would stop them from rightin' the wrongs of dastardly deeds ANYWHERE in Hazzard County!

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