Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blind Date: Vicky

Meet Vicky. She's president of the chess club, can put together a film projector lickety-split, and can recite the table of elements backwards. She's active in her RPG group that meets every Thursday night at 11PM, usually to play Magic: The Gathering, but they're open to D&D if the spirit moves them. Vicky works at the local comic book store and can recap every episode of Sailor Moon if need be. Hope you like a girl who eats, because Vicky's got a tooth for sushi. She's got a tooth for any Japanese food, really - actually, anything Japanese floats her boat! Her Hello Kitty collection alone has kept Sanrio in good hands for decades to come. She wants a real tiger kinda man to take her to Oticon this year, she's getting her cosplay skillz in order (this year she wants to go as Hinata Hyuuga!)

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