Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Music I Don't Hate: Mazel Tov Edition

On this, the final night of Hanukkah 2007, it is important that we brave members of the American J-Tribe gather to celebrate our dilute heritage. To that end, I present:

Oy to the World, by the Klezmonauts.

While you may disregard their unwitting use of cursive Greek letters in their album art, you may not ignore their soulful interpretation of Christian-American classics with a Yiddish twist of bitter herbs. For those of you about to engage in mixed marriages (we all know we can't resist the shiksas), what better way to gently introduce your Goyim relatives-to-be to our minor-key outlook on life?

Now go forth, brethren and sistren; shop at your local mall and sit on Santa's lap. But know deep in your hearts, thanks to our Klezmonautical heroes, that your religious roots are only a sharp or flat away.

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