Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blind Date: Rein-dear

Meet Stephanie. Stephanie works as an accountant downtown. She's pretty religious. Stephanie insists on playing Christian praise music at work and she spends most of her evenings at Bible study. She likes keeping her house tidy and her house is decorated in a charming primitive country style. (Yankee Candle all the way!!) During the holidays, however, she cuts loose and shows more of her wild side - usually in the guise of whimsical and/or sassy sweatshirts that she creates herself with craft paints from Michael's. Stephanie's devoted much of her time to the LORD, but she is starting to feel her biological clock ticking. She thinks there is something in store for her. Perhaps Santa (or baby Jesus) will bring her a man in her stocking (also whimsically decorated with Michael's craft paints). A good, strong, Christian man. One who also enjoys Bible study. Preferably a Godly man with some of that weird Van Dyke facial hair, and long flowing locks, sort of like how Pastor Rick wears his hair: mullet-style. Could you be the man Stephanie is looking for?

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