Sunday, November 04, 2007

Why Siouxsie Sioux Is My Heroine

She has said precisely what I have been lusting to utter to pretty much every girl wandering around my college town, cellphone plastered to her head, chewing gum like cow cud, wearing sweatpants with JUICY or PINK on the ass, shod in UGG boots, skin glistening a nice George Hamilton orange, teeth whitened to the point of blindness, hair bleached or darkened to unnatural shades of gold or brown, eyebrows plucked to oblivion.
Thank you for being a beacon of bluntness, Siouxsie.

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StripeyUnderpants said...

Oh, how it warms my heart to read of Paris Hilton getting her ass kicked out of a party. She sure has some nerve, inviting herself to someone else's party and then acting all peeved when she gets sent on her way!

Oh, and she's ugly, too.