Sunday, October 28, 2007

Avoid The Pad Vortex: Wallpapering!

When I was a kid, I read like every Nancy Drew book ever written, even the 1980s revamps and Nancy In College years. I kind of came away with the understanding that most houses in the River Heights/Emerson University area contained some kind of secret passage where fabulous treasures were hidden and Nancy would get kidnapped by some man in a beard, and silently cry out for Ned to save her; and Bess would be somewhere eating doughnuts, and George would be stylish but in a kind of tomboyish way because her name was "George." There would be ancient love letters indicating where the secret treasure in the mountain was hidden, and a whispering statue, and some ghost in the wall that was really the derelict cousin of the real heir to the inheritance of the mansion and Ned would fly to save Nancy and her new friend and Carson Drew would be super impressed with Nancy's young ingenuity and keen Titian head. And her maid Hannah would make her some meatloaf until Nancy finds out she's descended from Scottish royalty and bounces around Scotland in a kilt singing "Scots, Wa'Hae."

Anyway, I thought all about that when I saw that you could make your own secret passage bathroom.

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StripeyUnderpants said...

"Doing so can make a small room seem larger." Yeah, it can also make a small room seem like it hasn't got a door.