Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Human Farming

From Peter Pan2007

Greetings, exalted Dalthghukha,
I have prepared for you my mid-cycle human farming report.

Good news! Your investment of funding for my experimental "Gymnasium" project bears fruit. The humans incubating therein are ripening, and are exhibiting individuality of appearance and of skill. You will find yourself fast pleased in their proficiency of facial expression, of aeronautics, of situational stealth, and of folding of extremities. Most exciting, however, is the great variety displayed in the growth of hair in the cranial region - you will not be met with disappointment of this crop. The gem of the crown, however, is one of the female of their kind. This one shows great dexterity in the art of tying long slender threads of cloth into knotted masses that can be worn as various external coverings - most amusing!

I remain your devoted and humble servant.

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