Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hiking in Hell

From jimmyyoung.

You know, it's amazingly obvious now, when I look back on it, but you know how things are different when you're there, in it, doing the thing. I used to think that we just all had a little bit of bad luck; we all get our share right? I'm going through these pictures.. here's when we were hiking Mulligan's Canyon back home. Me and Carol had such a great time, the fresh mountain air, the granola, the oneness with nature. I wore my lucky yellow shoes everywhere. For Carol, it was that cap. Billy, though? He was one crazy dude. Always saying things like "Who needs luck! Screw it! I'm the man now dog! All you Saddy McLosers need to know is that you make your own luck. That's how I roll, that's how I get by. Hell, I dare the bad luck to come after me, no, I DOUBLE DOG DARE BAD LUC.." and right then, a bolt of lightning struck poor Billy down.

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