Monday, April 30, 2007

International Ahrrr Society

Sometimes, you are just bored on a Saturday night. There's nothing to do, you don't feel like going to the local watering hole, and you've gotten to level 60 of World of Warcraft like, 4 times already. Snore.
Well, Captain Joshua "Letter of Marque" Radis has a solution to your weekend woes.


"We only have two rules for Sea Chanty Night," Cpt. Radis said, "Everyone has to join in the singing...eventually. And the other rule is that you have to drink whiskey. Well, technically rum is more historically accurate, I suppose. So rum's okay too. But for now whiskey is the drink of choice because of this Stan Rogers song that talks about drinking whiskey in its lyrics."

The general gist of Sea Chanty Night is to get a bunch of friends over to your house, feed them whiskey (shots, glass, nips) and get them drunk enough to sing sea chanties with you. Captain Radis's website for the International Ahrrr Society provides lyrics for print-out.

It is not known whether or not west coast sea chanties differ greatly from East Coast sea chanties, but Radis seems undeterred by semantics.

"People should just have fun."

Want to join the chapter and host your own Sea Chanty Night? Send a friend request to the good Captain!

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