Thursday, March 15, 2007

Growl In The Name of Love

It wasn't that Dean was dumb. No, he had a pretty lofty IQ and he managed to get through high school fairly easily. It's just that he didn't CLICK with girls. He couldn't figure it out. Was it his dapper dan hair? He made sure he used the lavender pomade instead of the orange, it couldn't be the hair. The suit? No, he was a pretty snappy dresser. How about the shoes? No, the wingtip look was still in style...just not with spats, and he had done away with those long ago.
Dannng. What was it?
Oh, well there was the matter of that "larynx accident" when he was 12, but he thought that deep throatiness drove the ladies wild! Maybe it was the whole "not being able to form pronounceable syllables" deal.

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