Monday, March 12, 2007

Daily Show For Conservatives

Now, there's a reason why this website hasn't really had much of a political bent, and that's because politics have been done to death. It's not that I don't like politics, I just don't like MODERN politics so much. In fact, I'm the girl who shouted "54, 40 or Fight!" and started singing "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" in a lofty soprano at the crazy neo-con kids before a Teresa Heinz-Kerry speech.
But sometimes something shows up that's so inexplicable and wrong, so - I don't know, just WRONG. And mean. And...dare I say it? Racist. And that's bad political comedy. I love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and their army of fact, one of my dreams is to work with Colbert someday. But liberal or conservative, both of those men are FUNNY. They can make jokes that work no matter what your political standing.
Not so with our friends over at FOXNEWS. Good god, what a sorry excuse for a station. All the women look like murderous femmebots, the men are all clowny overfed frat boys with bad hair, and they scream at each other and interrupt, and they hate brown people and think the ACLU is stupid, and....oh, now that my main man Stephen Colbert is famous they think they have to one-up the Comedy Central geniuses and have a comedy show...on a NEWS STATION, no less.
Luckily, it's not so much comedy, as it is a glimpse of what how ignorant they think Americans are. I know Yankees can be smarter if they wanted to. After all, we won Vietnam, right?

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