Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cribbage Salad

Patti's obsession for the game of cribbage was mind boggling. She knew all things cribbage, and kept a portrait of Sir John Suckling in her rumpus room. She was so vicious during a game, but she kept things lively by screaming out "double skunk!" and "lurch!" in various accents (her favourite being Hungarian). Her opponents always knew what they were getting into when Patti whipped out the cribbage pegs, so it wasn't always a TOTAL ambush. But one of them, who was swift with the knitting needle, beat her. Yes, she left poor Patti "in the stink hole." But Patti wasn't a sore loser, and she wore the consolation prize with the same fervour she usually reserved for her cribbage games!

1 comment:

Joe said...

Patti sounds like a prime candidate for the Cribbaholics Unanimous hall of fame. Following in the same pegged footseps of nefarious cribblicans from bygone days she charges into the breach armed with personalized pegs and a war cry that would curdle draft Guiness.

Good luck dear child and happy pegging...