Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What The Duck?

Gog and Magog were county-renowned for their duck-retrieval skills. No other Labrador Retriever could beat the ferocious canine tag team when carousing through the swamps of Chinthelm, AR, chasing down those feathered fiends. Quack! Quack! the call of the doomed duck in the air, BOOM! goes the .22, fwwwwwop! hits the dead duck...woof! woof! Retrieve!
O, it was exhilarating indeed!
But then Nintendo stole their thunder. Soon there were pixellated pooches to retrieve on the television screen (ironically, based on their own lives!), and then PETA got pissed off at the whole hunting thing in general, and Gog and Magog were relegated to being seeing-eye dogs...a job for which they were, admittedly, unsuitable.

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