Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pet Same-etery

Sparky was a swell dog, loyal and true. He didn't eat too much...or, subsequently, need to go for "walkies" all that frequently. In fact, no walkies at all for Sparky...for, you see, Sparky was a taxidermied canine corpse. The idea of burying the peppy pooch was just too gruesome for Matilda here, and she was determined to keep the memory of Sparky alive as long as she could.
Sparky could be seen dragged around in a Radio Flyer wagon every few hours, and she would get him a new collar every Christmas. Maybe Sparky was unusual as a pet, but he sure stayed low-maintenance...aside from the moths.

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Anonymous said...

Damn me to hell if that isn't a Lhasa Apso.