Friday, January 12, 2007

In The Navy

"I searched the world for treasure, but found no pleasure."
"But you learned science technology!"
"But I wanted to begin making my dreams all come true on land and on the sea! I wanted to play in sports and skin dive, but all I did was study oceanography!"
"I signed up for big band."
"Yes, and you sat in the grandstand when our team met with the others.'
"I was too young to join up."
"Oh, don't worry about a thing...I'm sure there will be, always, a good navy protecting the land and sea."
"If only I could put my mind at ease! And make a stand!"
"Can't you see? We need a band! Come and join your fellow man! They want you as a new recruit!"
"Who, me?"
"Yes, they want you as a new recruit."
"But...but...I'm afraid of water. Hey..hey..look man, I get seasick even watching it on TV! Oh, my goodness. What am I gonna do in a submarine?"
"They want you!!!"

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