Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mulan of the Free, Home of the Brave

He might have been one of those guys described as "quiet, keeps to himself a lot;" but that year Steve's Mulan costume won him many laurels at the office Halloween bash.
It was when he started wearing it on random days of the in February...snd many other times as well...that people began to wonder if Steve was right in the head.
After the police had secured a search warrant for an unrelated tipoff, well - that was when the horrible and elabourate Mulan shrine in his attic came to light. Thousands of photographs, unsent love letters to the cartoon vixen, knives to her Disney face...shredded movie posters papîer-machéd with his own saliva - it was disturbing, yes, but the police finally understood the mind of a killer when they put two and two together.
Steve is currently serving a life sentence in Sing-Sing.

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