Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Master of Muppets

Belinda and Meredith were gung-ho Sesame Street fanatics - so much so, in fact, that they dressed as their heroes, Monsters Telly and Cookie. They, being Sesame Street purists, rejected all things "Elmo." Their infectious enthusiasm and addictive giggles led others to them, and soon Sesame Cult rooted in the basement of the village nursery school. Chants of number counting and alphabet memorisation echoed through the carpeted halls. But one day, fueled by Red #2 Dye from the cafeteria Kool-Aid and cherry Jell-O, Belinda and Meredith turned to the dark alley BEHIND Sesame Street.
"Bring me the head of Elmo," Belinda would command in her squeaky 4-year-old soprano. She hadn't yet quite worked out how to pronounce the letters W or R, despite hours of speech therapy with Mrs. Storch. She, being the more aggressive identifier of Cookie Monster, would chase children on the playground, demanding all the Oreos she could stuff in her little yap.
Meredith, the identifier of Telly Monster, would fret and fret, banging her little noggin on any wall she could find. The damage sustained from these self-inflicted injuries is yet to be determined, but her pile of detached Elmo heads from the bewitched children of Tinytown had lovingly been arranged into a shrine in the coat closet.

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