Thursday, November 02, 2006

Free To Be Me

Grandma, still clad in mourning black, remembered Grandpa fondly - almost platonically, really - as she lusted after Uncle Mac's ukulele prowess. America was friendly and freedom-loving, sure. Freedom. Free. Free LOVE. Suddenly the last 50 years evaporated as she imagined those flexing fingers strumming a long-neglected region. Her children and grandchildren would be shocked, but maybe if she got them three sheets to the wind on all that beer they would be more forgiving. It certainly worked when Nell married that "ethnic" chap. Yes, her plan was coming together.

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Lois said...

"America's beverage of moderation"?? What the hell kind of motto is that? That's like saying, "Chocolate--America's junk food of eating sparingly after a healthy meal of mostly fruits and vegetables." Come on, breweries of the world, you're not fooling anybody!