Thursday, November 09, 2006

Family Values

Conversation At Work This Morning, Paraphrased:
Daniel: "Okay. Just spend a few moments checking out everyone. We have the middle finger kid first..."
Tara: "That one girl behind him looks like the girl stuck with Precious in Buffalo Bill's well. And the boy looks like he just watched a deer get shot."
Alice: "The boy behind his shoulder looks like he's going to murder someone."
Daniel: "Check out the matching doll dress."
Tara: "I bet they're really f***ed up in private."
Alice: "That girl's gonna be on drugs in two years, tops."
Daniel: "She's gonna be in pre-teen therapy."


Jess said...

This is one of the greatest moments in TV history! I would like to think the kid on the far left is pointing at Rick and saying "I told you so... they do think you eat babies!" the girl on the right holds on to her doll for dear life!

Lois said...

What the hell is she making that face for? You'd think someone had just announced that they fed her kitten to an alligator.

Codex0 said...

She must be constipated. That, or her face really did stick that way.