Monday, October 09, 2006


Photography studio, 2:26 PM.

Photographer: Yeah, put on that head wrap thing. Makes you look like, Watusi or something. Can you look more ethnic? Great. Here, Jimmy, play these bongos for that tribal mood. Give me Mother Africa, BAY-BEEEE!

Model 1: Sir, I went to Princeton and majored in biochemistry. I find you offensive and racist. I refuse to endure your vile filth.

Photographer: Bonga bonga!

Model 1: Just snap the goddamn picture!

Photography studio, 4.08 PM

Photographer: Woowoowoowoowooowooo!!! Me like-um blanket. Heap plenty wampum on Injun squaw. Smokeum up-um. Big Chief fine tobacco.

Model 2: Shouldn't you be shooting with a big white hood?


Lois said...

"I'm not a real Navaho, I just play one in pattern photo shoots."

Celia Pleete said...

You're right, she's actually from India and the photographer got confused.