Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Jennifer was an aspiring "model," a naïve girl from the Small Town who found herself swallowed by the Big City and all its unsavoury characters. The first photo shoots were harmless enough - an advert here for aspirin - and advert there for mops - and then she met her new agent, Lloyd Drake, who would "make her career," he promised. As he ran his fingers through his Brylcreemed hair and lit his third Lucky, he twirled his 'stache and pulled Jennifer to his side.
"Jennifer, you know, sex sells. It sells a lot. And I think you're just my girl."
"Mister Drake!!" She was shocked to the core.
"We'll negotiate that later. I have a new account for this girdle company. I was thinking we make things interesting. Instead of you modelling the girdle UNDER something, you can model the girdle itself."
"My stars!"
...after a couple of hours, Jennifer was finally convinced that these photos would make or break her modelling career, and they were right. The Scandale advertisements were a hit amongst the leery Esquire readers, the oglers, the lech patrol and the perverts. Jennifer soon found herself the burlesque queen of Des Moines, and discovered a lucrative career as a bedazzled tap dancer.
....All thanks to Scandale and the clear vision of one Lloyd Drake! Who says dreams will never come true?

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Lois said...

Jennifer smiles as she shows off the very latest in female body armor, made of strong, but flexible and light, titanium threads sewn into a matrix of cotton-polyester fibers.