Thursday, October 26, 2006

Q: Do You Like Kipling? A: I Dunno, I've Never Kippled Before.

"Man goes to Man! Cry the challenge through the Jungle!
He that was our Brother goes away.
Hear, now, and judge, O ye People of the Jungle, --
Answer, who can turn him -- who shall stay?

Man goes to Man! He is weeping in the Jungle:
He that was our Brother sorrows sore!
Man goes to Man! (Oh, we loved him in the Jungle!)
To the Man-Trail where we may not follow more."

"Where the hell are we?" - girl in yellow dress
"What's this bug on my leg?" - boy in striped shirt

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Lois said...

"Dad, I don't think this is the way back to camp. Do we have any more snacks? I'm hungry!"

"Shush, Jenny, I know exactly what direction we're going. The jungle just makes it seem farther than it really is."

"Dad, I'm really hungry,too, and there are leeches on my leg from when we crossed the creek! And the flies are eating me alive!"

"Now, Jack, I told you not to whine! We'll be there soon, I promise."

Two weeks later, Jack and Jenny's dad was found...what was left of him. His hands and feet were bound and he appeared to have been murdered and eaten, although no cannibals were known to live in this part of the Amazon. Jack and Jenny were never seen again.