Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Plus Fours

"I say, Roger, this circulation therapy works wonders. I do believe Eton and Oxford did you well."
"What-ho, Miranda! I agree. The elastic slows down the old life juice considerably, what?"
"Indubitably. I feel lighter than fizz."
"Yes, that would be the therapeutics."
"The numbness is a bit of a bother."
"Certainly, but let the elastic do its bit for Britain."
"Stiff upper lip and all that rot?"
"Brilliant! Top-drawer!"
"Pish tosh!"
"Pip pip!"

1 comment:

Lois said...

"Miranda, old girl, didn't realize you possessed such tiny feet!"

"Result of my mother's insistence upon tight elastic socks and snug knee pants throughout childhood. Brilliant woman, how ever did she realize the circulatory benefits?"

"Ahead of her time, I daresay. Right, then, would you be so kind as to give me a bit of a push? I can't seem to move my legs."