Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blind Date

Meet Vesta, a self-taught artist from Omaha, Nebraska, loves to paint. She paints every surface she can get her little hands upon, including all dishes, stools, benches, chairs, boxes, bins, dolls and walls. You name it, Vesta's gotten her brush on it at some point.
She credits her talent to afternoons watching Bob Ross and painstakingly recreating his masterful landscape creations. Vesta works primarily in tempera and "whatever's on sale at Michael's." When asked who her artistic role models are, Vesta replies enthusiastically, "The Keanes. Oh, I just love their wide-eyed wonder children." She wrings out her brush in distilled turpentine and takes a long, thirsty drink. Vesta is no amateur.
Vesta's other hobbies include macrame, pasta arrangement in jars, and tatting.


Lois said...

And here I was SO proud of myself for painting tole designs on my computer, macraméing a ceiling hanger for my stereo, and crocheting all my own lampshades.

Anonymous said...

She was also a prison guard and Buchenwald. During the Nuremberg trials she claimed to be only a cook. But witnesses fingered her as Olga the butcher of stalag 7. She often painted attractive tableaus with the still warm blood of her victims.

Celia Pleete said...