Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blind Date: Before The Dance

"...But Mom, I don't want to take Betsy to the Eighth Grade Prom! All the guys will laugh at me!"
"Jason, a promise is a promise. You don't want your father to lose the Caruthers account, do you? DO YOU?"
"But Mom, Betsy...well, I heard things about her. That she's kinda..."
"Beauty is only skin deep. She has a great personality. Mister Caruthers said so. He wouldn't lie about his own daughter, would he?"
"Well, that's not the part that bothers me so much as..."
"What, that she's from a better class? This is America, son! Betsy will treat you just the same as her other friends."
"She doesn't HAVE any other friends, Mom."
"Nonsense. Why wouldn't a nice, wealthy, well-bred girl have any friends?"
"Maybe 'cause she wets the bed? Jenny Malone said so. She won't have Betsy over anymore, she was so grossed out."
"Girls are such cats!"
"But Mom, you don't understand! Betsy's just....weird! Like, she talks to people who aren't there and ever since Dad said I'd take her to the dance she constantly writes her name with my last name like she's practicing to be my wife or something! It's really freaking me out!"
"All girls do that name practice thing! I did that with your father after I met him at the Sigma Delta party."
"Mom, it's like she's obsessed. I'm really scared. Do I have to take Betsy?"
"You will if you know what's good for you! How bad can she be?"


Lois said...

As bad as that.

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