Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sweater Sweats

Marika's mom was still sort of navigating her way through English, which led to some amusing malapropisms in her daily speech. Most of these were harmless and fodder for chuckles in her circle of understanding friends. Unfortunately, Marika came home from school one day asking her mom for "leg warmers." Marika's mother was confused. What were leg warmers, she asked her knitting circle in that charming Eastern European accent of hers. They replied that they were "like sweaters for your legs."
So Marika came home one day, her mother proudly displaying the 'leg warmers' for which Marika had begged. Not quite the same, but they'd have to do.

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Kat said...

But what I wanna know is, how did the leprechaun shoes fit in to all this.