Thursday, August 10, 2006


It'd been a stressful week for Nick: Myrtle dumped him for Josh; his pet fish died from some sort of rare tank fungus, and "Casual Friday" still entailed a buttoned-up shirt. Stupid job. Stupid boss.
Nick put his hand over his pocket to double-check.
Yup, still there...some of the finest hashish known to humanity. And it was his. Once he got home, he was gonna roll up the fattest doobie he could and inhale that sweet Mary Jane til' he saw fu***n' STARS, man. Stars. Maybe he'd put a little bit of it in that Duncan Hines mix he picked up at Safeway yesterday. Screw bureauocracy, man! Down with the big boss man! And Myrtle? Pfffffft. She wasn't gonna break HIS stride. He was going to spend his weekend totally baked and on top of the f***in' world.


Kat said...

Oh now I get it...the sandwiches are for people who've smoked too much hash...right....nope, now that I've seen it writing, it still doesn't add up.

Lois said...

Actually, I think he's getting ready to slip his hand under that sweater and cop a feel on himself. He's only regretting that he didn't undo the last button for easier access.