Monday, August 14, 2006

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

"I got us matching outfits. Don't we look like twins? I bet no one knows I'm actually her grandmother. Those Botox sessions are paying off. I just love that I have my own Mini-Me whereever I go. No, Lindsay, I said NO CHOCOLATE FOR YOU! DO YOU WANT TO BE FAT LIKE YOUR MOMMY? Anyway, I just got a condo in Las Palmas, you need to come by sometime and Lindsay, STOP TALKING. I told Lindsay that I'd much rather she call me Dorothy than "Grandma," because I just think being a "Grandma" is too old. I still have a libido, you know. Lindsay, STOP TUGGING ON ME. I'm not buying you those Bratz dolls, you already have most of the collection. No, you can't open the boxes or they'll be WORTHLESS. Just like your DEADBEAT FATHER!"

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