Monday, July 31, 2006

That's A Wrap

Danny, DeeDee and Debbie argued over who had made the best craft at Vacation Bible School.

Danny had made a pine cone toilet paper roll holder emblazoned with John 3:15.

DeeDee? A Revelations-inspired crêpe paper wall hanging for the refrigerator.

Debbie, however, pointed at what she'd made: a new baby brother who had John 3:4(NIV) embroidered on his onesie.


Beth said...

haha. the biblical references crack me up.

Anita said...

Debbie sounds like a little whore if she helped make her own baby brother. Just sayin'.

Kat said...

coulda swore i left a post here yesterday...but anyhoo...Danny boy looks as though he really needs that toilet pater roll. He's doing the potty chair dance.

Kat said...


Lois said...

Is little Danny wearing FLOWERED pants?? Well, I guess we already know which direction HE leans. And I think that might be a menorrah on DeeDee's dress, so maybe they all got back from Vacation Torah School.