Friday, July 21, 2006

Bunnies Gone Wild, Part Two.

The VanSant family never expected the worst: the day the giant lepus invaded their happy home. Despite being an avid fan of Watership Down and Alice In Wonderland,Kelly VanSant was powerful scared of this lagomorphic intrusion in her happy home.

There was no explanation for this monstrous rabbit. How did it get so big? Why was it so vicious? As it sat crouching in what was once their dining room, Kelly VanSant sat trembling in her attic. It had already eaten her pet bischon, Daisy - what would be next? Her femur?

As the evil, giant rabbit's eyes glowed brightly in the dimming light, Kelly remained in her attic, alone and terrified that it would discover the staircase leading into her safe attic.

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