Thursday, July 27, 2006

Amazing Art Offer.

To bring new decorating dash to the walls of your home, or to spice up a children's room or den, place these loveable puppies with their all-too-human expressions where everyone can see and admire them. They've got instant appeal and create a feeling of warmth and joy. That's because the artist, Coby, seems to know exactly the right touch to make these irresistible paintings spring to life. Painted with love, each of the characters will capture a special place in your heart. Unfortunately, it is impossible to show ALL the warmth and beauty from the small black and white illustrations here. Only when you see them in your home can you fully appreciate their marvellous appeal and fine artistry.

1 comment:

Lois said...

Oh, man, I totally remember these ads! There was one for kittens, too, I think. God, I feel sorry for the artist who had to come up with these kitschy designs and then settle for a small percentage of $1 per set to make a living. Let's hope he supplemented his income with velvet Elvis paintings.